Build and Maintain Your Website

If you have some basic skills with operating on/in the Internet and some understanding of how things work you can learn to build and maintain your own web site!  Yes, it's not all that difficult and We Can Help!

There is a lot to do running your business operations and an up to date web site is key to keeping things fresh and interesting.  If you try to use those 'build it' sites you are restricted to the type of support and services and formats that they offer.  Plus if you become dissatisfied with their services you are pretty much locked in.

Be Independent, learn to build and maintain your OWN web site(s) and change hosting services when you find a better deal or you outgrow your current service provider.  With your own site and ability to maintain it you can relocate your domain hosting in minutes!

When you manage your own domain and support you don't have to pay or wait on anyone else when you want to make a change (even US).  Making frequent changes and keeping things up to date on a web site is key to attracting return visitors.  If you have to make service requests or ask for support, issue change documents and wait and wait for a fee for service operation, you could miss out on a business opportunity.  Don't wait, Do It Yourself!

First the Basics

First off, we review your knowledge of the Internet and how web sites work.  We discuss Internet Protocol addresses (IP Addressing), web site structures and the difference between a Registrar for your domain name and a Hosting Services (we always recommend keeping them separate).  If we find some knowledge gaps, we fill them in.

Then we will introduce you to the most powerful, easy to use and inexpensive software you will need to build and maintain your site(s).  It is called EZGenerator and is owned/maintained by Image Line Software of Belgium EU.  We have been using this software to build and maintain web sites for over 10 years.  It is frequently updated and kept fresh and up to date with all the latest web based facilities and technologies available.

The beautiful thing is, you do NOT have to know how to write 'web html code' or too much of anything but cut/paste from your word processor.  Link to your YouTube videos and way more.

It DOES take some time to learn and we help you master the basics and then you can expand your knowledge, get more creative and blossom into a full fledged web site developer!

How We Train You!

We will work with you to establish your personal/business accounts with registrar companies and web hosting services.  We will point out the differences and cost variations between several companies.  We have worked with several over the years but there are many available to choose from.  Just make the best deal you can.

Because YOU control your site content, it's domain ownership you are free to transfer or rehost your site as needed. This provides the ultimate flexibility for your business operations and YOU CONTROL the entire operation.

We will help you configure EZGenerator to upload your site and continue to maintain your site with your chosen hosting provider.  It is simple and easy; taking just a few minutes.

Building Your Content

Your web site content is up to you.  We will train you in the basics of format control, HTML linkages, posting pictures/images and inserting music/video content (which you must own or license).  Structuring the pages of your site and index/menu operations are explained and we help you develop and optimize your site and it's navigation structure.

This will take some time, unless you already have a site that you will need to copy/past and redesign withing the EZGenerator program product.  Content is key!

Fees and Charges

You will be responsible for all registrar fees and hosting account charges.  We will act as your independent Web Design and Hosting consultant to ensure a high quality and cost effective site.  The minor cost of software.

We will work with you, one-on-one, to get your started and continue to offer support as long you need.  Our current fees are $50/hour plus expenses for training and support.